What Not to Do if Your Child Is Addicted to Phone

It is no more an astonishing sight to see that people particularly children are very much addicted to smartphones. Whether it is day or night all they want is a phone. One can now hardly see children playing with their friends or talking in the family get together, all they do is ask for phone from their parents or we should say they take it forcefully to play games and watch videos with no time limit. Even parents have become weak in stopping their kids to keep them away from this deadly gadget. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that we ourselves are very much hooked to the phone. Whenever we feel bored the first that we grab is the phone.

However, there is no dearth of tips and advice which are given from time to time as to how to prevent your child from being hooked to smartphones. Some of them have been summarized below-

Find a Balance

Well, everything works fine if done within limits, and the same holds for the phone time. Taking away the phone altogether will make the child fussy and irritated and in some cases, he or she may throw tantrums as well which we definitely do not want. Hence, it is better to get into a deal with the child as in how many hours he or she can spend on the mobile phone. Reaching this conclusion is a great relief as it certainly limits the amount of time spent on a mobile phone without holding any grudges.

Use Mobile Phone as an Educational Tool

Well, with the advent of the pandemic, children have been given way more access to mobile phones. Parents no longer have the power to stop children from using the mobile phone as all the classes, assignments, projects, homework and much more are being done online. Here, the mobile phone is being used as an educational tool which is good and is being put to better use unlike playing games and watching videos.

Today, the LMS platform which is unique software can be easily installed on mobile phones and laptops. It allows online smooth learning from any part of the world. It is easy to access and comes loaded with numerous features and tools which makes online learning highly interactive. It is a platform where both teachers and students can connect with each other and get answers to their queries in the comfort of their homes.

Besides, this open-source LMS platform is a great boon for the teachers as well as it makes it easy for them to not only connect with the students but also provides them with online assignments, take attendance and give an online test. And the best part is there is no need to check the test as it is checked online and you are provided with the results.

If you have been thinking about how to go ahead with the LMS Software Solutions, there are numerous companies that are working to provide requisite support and knowledge to the people to enhance the online working experience.

Get Children Involve in Some Interesting Activity

The major reason why more and more children are hooked to a mobile phone is the lack of any kind of physical and outdoor activity; it is highly suggested to get the children involved in various activities like table tennis, football and much more. This will not only help in generating interest apart from the phone but also support in building life skills as well.

No Mobile before Bed Time

It is always recommended not to use a mobile phone before bedtime as it leads to sleep problems and increases the awake time of the children.

Family Time

Children should be made aware of the importance of family time and one should fix time to spend some quality time as a family also.

Give Warning before Taking the Phone

Many times, children are playing games and taking phone in the middle of it can irritate them, hence it is suggested to give them warning that your phone will be taken in the next ten minutes.

Ask Them to Behave Well

One can ask children to behave properly in order to get access to the phone and do all the homework and other necessary tasks on time. This will prove to be a profitable deal.

Time Free From Smart Phone

One should encourage free time from smartphones once a week, this will help children to take up things that interest them and even spend time with family and friends.

So, follow these simple tips to get your children to move away from the mobile phone though not at the moment but gradually of course.



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