Moodle Learning Management System vs Blackboard

With the continuous advancement in technology, one can find new and innovative methods of teaching that are being used to enhance the overall learning experience of the students. One such amazing technique is Moodle LMS which is an open source LMS and can be customized according to one’s course and teaching method used.

The best part about Moodle LMS is that one can opt for custom Moodle development which is provided by various Moodle development companies. One such reputed and trusted company that is known to offer outstanding and highly professional services to its clients is Yatharthriti. This Moodle development company has been working in the area for many years now and has a long list of happy and satisfied clients.

With the increasing popularity of Moodle LMS, many teachers and trainers are leaving the blackboard behind. The various advantages and benefits of Moodle LMS have been summarized below-

  • Feature Rich Learning Platform

Unlike blackboard which is a limited resource and students get to understand and learn only the topic which is explained by the teachers, there are as such no added features to make learning more interesting and engaging. On the other Moodle LMS is an all-new platform that helps mentors, trainers, and teachers to enhance their learning outcomes by using several added features that are made available in the system. The learning material and content are delivered in various formats and styles which are quite interactive as well. The learning material is updated on the regular basis depending on the course requirement and deadlines.

  • Easy Integration

It is easy to connect with the third-party platform and make use of the essential services provided by them such as video-conferencing, maintaining students’ information, and much more.

  • Smooth Connectivity

Well, when you have Moodle app in your system learning and connecting with your teacher is a breeze. One can learn on the move, just login into your device whether mobile, laptop, or tablet and you are ready to go. The user interface is so designed that it easily works on all devices. This is however not possible in the offline mode of teaching where one has to physically reach the classroom to learn and understand the topic and if by any chance you miss the class, there is no way to clear the concepts again.

  • Readily Available Learning Material

There is a wide variety of learning materials available for the benefit of both teachers and students. Teachers can even add notes and other learning material to the LMS which can be even downloaded later. There are numerous audio-visual learning materials that make the learning interesting and increase the active participation of the students.

  • Secure and Scalable

All the information regarding the students and other confidential data is completely safe in Moodle. Only authorized personnel have access to the system and one can also regulate the amount of information one wants to share. The size of the classroom is also not an issue here as a large number of students can learn on the platform sitting in any part of the world.

As has been seen with changing times both teachers and students prefer to study, learn and teach online using a unique platform like Moodle LMS, and to get the best services it is important to connect to a reputed Moodle development agency.



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