Learn How to Create a Page on Moodle

Moodle is one of the most popular LMS and is used extensively by various learning organizations across the globe. Many schools, universities, and other institutions use it as it allows users to create courses online and execute other tasks related to e-learning. You can also use the software according to your needs with the help of custom Moodle development offered by many professional Moodle experts.

Moodle is commonly known as a free e-learning application. It is also known as Course Management System (CMS), Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and Learning Management System (LMS). It can be termed as educational software on which you can easily extend educational applications with ease. Moodle Development serves millions of users through numerous registered websites that are developed on it. This factor ensures that MOODLE is very popular among people, especially students.

Moodle is very flexible from the developers’ point of view as they can manipulate the software at their convenience to create better applications. Moodle also allows programmers to create plugins for supporting functions.

Developers can create new modules for Moodle using the PHP language. The open-source nature of Moodle gave programmers the opportunity to develop the software and they came up with positive results. All the credit for Moodle development goes to enthusiastic and experienced developers.

Customizable Moodle Solutions

There are numerous Moodle development companies in the industry today and Yatharthriti is a leading Moodle development agency providing end-to-end Moodle solutions for the education industry. With the main focus on client collaboration, it delivers competitive and customizable solutions to efficiently accompany e-learning or virtual learning for its clients. It ensures to deliver such Moodle-based e-learning services that provide teachers and students with a safe, planned learning environment.

You can create content directly in Moodle by creating a web page. You create a Moodle web page so your students do not have to download files. You can also create a Moodle web page if you want to embed content from another source on the Internet, such as a YouTube video. Now, you must be thinking about how to create Moodle page. Follow the below-given steps to create a page:

  • In the upper right corner of the Moodle course, click Turn on Editing.

Yatharthriti has been very successful in the area of Moodle development. If you want to get an application developed, you can hire Moodle developers from here at affordable rates. It prioritizes and works on the latest technologies and advanced development tools to provide the best application solutions enabling you to digitize your business.



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