How Moodle Detect Cheating

Moodle is a highly appreciated and most desirable open learning management system that is used by all the prominent and reputed educational institutions like colleges, universities, and even corporate. This system is highly effective like any other LMS; however, it is highly flexible and free.

Well, when talking of the education system and exams being an integral part of it, there are always high chances of cheating. And with online education systems taking over, the new and innovative LMS system should be capable of preventing cheating among students. A good system is capable of reporting cheating to instructors and educational institutions.

With the increase in cases of cheating, those who are using Moodle are finding out whether it can detect cheating or not.

The good news is that Moodle can easily detect cheating by using various tools like plagiarism scanning, proctoring, and lockdown browser, to name a few.

This means various tools for the detection of cheating can be incorporated into Moodle. One can easily get in touch with any of the Moodle development companies such as Yatharthriti which have a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who work to handle all clients’ queries.

Let’s find out the assorted means through which Moodle can detect cheating-

By Using Plagiarism Scanner

To detect cheating on LMS, one can easily install Plagiarism Scanner software which is designed to check whether there is any plagiarism or not and find out various grammatical errors as well. Besides, if there is any duplicate work, it can be easily revealed. The software reveals that students have used a shortcut and have copy-pasted it from a given source.

Using Proctoring tools for Tests

In the proctored exam, the webcam, audio, and computer desktop are all monitored by the proctoring software. The data recorded is sent to the proctoring service for the assessment.

Before taking the proctored exam, it is important to install the software in the system which will conduct the face detection using the webcam along with Photo ID.

The webcam will scan the entire system and the examination room and even look for any of the running software. In the end, the entire data will be sent to proctoring software for scanning and detection.

This arrangement supports the detection of cheating as the visual data is available to the examiners and the exam will be conducted under the supervision of the testing staff in a safe and secure environment.

By Using a Lockdown Browser

It is a unique platform that is used to detect cheating; it uses the webcam to monitor the testing session. As the students complete the exam, this software will provide visual ratings and question the students’ behavior that looks questionable.

Moodle is amazing software that can detect any kind of cheating in quizzes and exams. It can be easily done through various platforms like lockdown browsers and many more. This software prevents cheating and any kind of suspicious activity. One can easily get in touch with Moodle development companies, such as Yatharthriti for the best services and solutions for learning management systems.

Written by Riti



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