How an LMS Will Help an Organisation to Grow

In a world where compliance, regulations, and record-keeping play an increasingly important role, it’s no surprise that more and more organizations are turning to learning management systems (LMS) and eLearning to save money and ensure accurate records. However, the benefits of a learning management system to a business go far beyond simply complying with regulations such as health and safety. Organizations nowadays opt for custom LMS development so that they can avail maximum benefit from it.

A learning management system with eLearning materials can save money (or significantly increase training budgets), improve business performance, and increase employee satisfaction. Here, we have discussed some of the ways an LMS can help an organization.

Lower training costs per capita: If L&D professionals want to win over the CEO, finance director, and department budget holders, they should be able to demonstrate that an LMS can impact the company’s bottom line. The good news is that studies show that LMSs (through their ability to deliver e-learning content) have reduced training costs by 25% to 40% in organizations where they have replaced face-to-face learning models. LMSs can theoretically reduce costs and increase profits.

Eliminates administrative overhead: LMSs can remove much of the administrative burden associated with traditional HR processes through their integrated tracking system and highly automated assessment, monitoring, and reporting. This can benefit a number of stakeholders, for example, you can deliver more training with few people, which impacts the bottom line and should impress managers in profit centers. But your L&D staff can also spend less time on basic administrative tasks and have more time to improve the quality of learning content and enrich their work, which increases L&D staff engagement.

Audit-proofing: A learning management system can record and report in detail and in real-time who attended training and how well they learned. This makes auditing your organization for ISO or other requirements a simpler, easier, and less stressful exercise.

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Centralized learning environment: Centralizing functions in many areas of an organization can lead to efficiencies by eliminating duplication of effort and better sharing of information. Training is no different. An LMS allows you to centralize your training content, resources, personal development plans, assessments, and progress results in one place. It makes it much easier to see who did what, what content is working and what is not, and deliver consistent training. It also makes reporting and analytics much easier, so you can get a 20/20 view of how training is being delivered and target learning content to the areas where it’s needed most.

On-demand training: A learning management system with eLearning courses is available to your organization’s learners 24/7. Hungry learners no longer have to wait until the course is in the classroom.

Automation of administration: An LMS can reduce the cost of learning administration by automating enrollment, registration, payments, student tracking, curriculum, course assignments, course content review and updates, assessments, certification, surveys, course evaluations, communication with students, reporting, educational analysis, development, and training cost analysis.

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