Five Quick Tips Regarding Moodle Installation

Moodle is an open-source management system that has changed the way online learning is conducted across the globe. This unique platform engages and manages millions of learners worldwide. This customizable and integrated learning solution is way ahead of time.

Well, Moodle LMS is complemented with Moodle Workplace, Moodle Apps, MoodleCloud, Moodle Academy, and much more. There are expert software engineers who are known to provide professional Moodle Development solutions involving hosting, support, and training.

Why opt for Moodle Development Solution?

There are numerous benefits of availing Moodle development solution which is provided by various reputed companies which work in this sector. Some of the advantages have been summarized below:

  • Provides comprehensive LMS solution using Moodle

What are Various Tips for Moodle Installation?

  • Manual Moodle LMS Installation

It is the most recommended method for Moodle installation, particularly for small projects. Larger the file, it is suggested to opt for the operating system with 64-bit support. To install Moodle in your system, it is suggested to seek the support of professionals who have the skills and knowledge to handle the same.

  • Select the Hardware

Before going ahead with the Moodle LMS installation, it is important to select the hardware which is going to support users and data alike. With the right hardware, one does not have to worry about Moodle site crashing down if capacity is exceeded.

  • Install the Database Server

To avoid system incompatibilities, it is suggested to install the database server that is recommended by Moodle.

  • Install PHP

Always install PHP on your operating carefully so that no issues or disturbances occur.

  • Download Moodle and Copy Files

There are various sources from where one can obtain Moodle open-source code, it is always better to download the standard version from Moodle as it will be better for security and bug fixes. Once downloaded, the Moodle directory will appear on your system which will contain all the files and folders.

  • Moodle Data Base and Directory

It is always better to keep all your data and files secure and do not give access to Moodle directly through the web instead host it by a specialized Moodle hosting vendor.

  • Check Security and Performance

There are many factors to ensure that your Moodle site is secure and performing well. Various benchmarks are taken into consideration to make sure that Moodle site is running well. A poorly performing Moodle site will show poor loading of pages, system crashes, security threats, and more.

Get started with the amazing online learning with Moodle which is designed to cater to the needs of educators, learners, and trainers across the world. With Moodle Development solutions provided by the top companies, there is no looking back.

Written By Riti



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